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    Race card template

    February 8, 2019 by DannyKennedy
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    Today, the Historipedia staff and I are sadden over the passing of one of the greats of Mankind that ever seen, William Goldman. I've been watching his movies like "The Princess Bride", etc. It's hurts that many legends go away that fast.

    Personality, I have been wasn't a fan couple of his movies which I can't remember. But I think in my opinion that William Goldman is one of the my personal favorites movie directors of all time. Case Closed. And I sent coincidences to the Goldman's family and friends that we all have witness or heard that we lost an legend. Always will be a Legend, always and forever.

    We at Historipedia, many of us considered fans of Goldman's films (not all of them), but we always enjoying them old nor new ones.

    “Death can…
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    Result Record Opponent Date Location Notes
    59 Win 59–0

    58 Win 58–0

    57 Win 57–0

    56 Win 56–0

    55 Win 55–0

    54 Win 54–0

    53 Win 53–0

    52 Win 52–0

    51 Win 51–0

    50 Win 50–0

    49 Win 49–0

    48 Win 48–0

    47 Win 47–0

    46 Win 46–0

    45 Win 45–0

    44 Win 44–0

    43 Win 43–0

    42 Win 42–0

    41 Win 41–0

    40 Win 40–0

    39 Win 39–0

    38 Win 38–0

    37 Win 37–0

    36 Win 36–0

    35 Win 35–0

    34 Win 34–0

    33 Win 33–0

    32 Win 32–0

    31 Win 31–0

    30 Win 30–0

    29 Win 29–0

    28 Win 28–0

    27 Win 27–0

    26 Win 26–0

    25 Win 25–0

    24 Win 24–0

    23 Win 23–0

    22 Win 22–0

    21 Win 21–0

    20 Win 20–0

    19 Win 19–0

    18 Win 18–0

    17 Win 17–0

    16 Win 16–0

    15 Win 15–0

    14 Win 14–0

    13 Win 13–0

    12 Win 12–0

    11 Win 11–0

    10 Win 10–0

    9 Win 9–0

    8 Win 8–0

    7 Win 7–0

    6 Win 6–0

    5 Win 5–0

    4 Win 4–0

    3 Win 3–0

    2 Win 2–0

    1 Win 1–0

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    Hello Historipedians,

    The massage I've received two days ago from July 26th; that unnamed user that Historipedia had a factional pages, like "Stanislaus III Albert", "Augustus IV Joseph" to named a few that were based in real people "Leopold I of Belgium" and "Leopold II of Belgium".

    Yes, in the user's comment "For example, Augustus III of Poland's page is factual. However, Stanislaus III Albert, Augustus IV Joseph and other kings ever existed, the portraits on their pages respectfully". I've address it before or not, but this will be my first time that Historipedia is mixed of real-fiction wikia. Pages are "modified", by means that modified is added nor the articles/pages are not real.

    There're articles I've already is made-up monarchs like …

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    Hello, Historipedians,

    Today, I've been not recently working and continuing Historipedia because of the recent events that effects me. For few weeks ago, I wasn't into creating pages or articles for this website. I'm still and currently re-creating an new wikia website about me (because of my pervious one that I've work for five years really cause problems). I'm also have a About.Me page.

    And as for the my personal life like racing, is I can still race dirtbikes and play games that will bored me.

    In the meantime, I will still active on social media like Twitter and Facebook, even on Historipedia to create articles and corrections.

    What happens to Historipedia in few years, it's going to still keep going and going until I retire or die.

    Anyway, …

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    Record Opponent Date Location Event Notes
    Ryan Williams
    Loket Castle, Loket, Czech Republic 2009 FIM Motocross World Championship

    Joseph Harris
    Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino, California 2010 FIM Motocross World Championship

    Floyd McJohnson
    Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino, California 2011 FIM Motocross World Championship

    Julien Bill
    Staples Center, Los Angeles, California X Games XVIII

    José Butrón
    Iguaçu National Park, Paraná, Brazil X Games Foz do Iguaçu 2013

    James Polk
    Freedom Motocross Park, Freedom, New York 2014 FIM Motocross World Championship

    Tony O'Shields
    Palm Beach International Raceway, Tallahassee, Florida 2014 Motocross Championship

    Robert Karson
    Miami Motocross Park, Miami, Florida 2014 AMA Motocross Championship

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    | birth_place = Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England | death_date = | death_place = Nuremberg Castle, Nuremberg, Holy Roman Empire | burial_place = Speyer Cathedral, Speyer, Holy Roman Empire | spouse = | issue = | house =Plantagenet | father = John, King of England | mother = Isabella of Angoulême | religion =Roman Catholicism | imgw = 240px }}

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    }}|! style="vertical-align: top; text-align: left;" Born


    -|}|}|! style="vertical-align: top;" Born


    - }}}} }|! style="vertical-align: top; text-align: left;" Died


    -|}|! style="vertical-align: top;" Died


    - }}}} }|! style="vertical-align: top; text-align: left;" Burial


    -|}|! style="vertical-align: top; text-align: left;" Burial


    - }}}}

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    Medal template

    December 9, 2017 by DannyKennedy

    Team|Country ="#eeeeee" Comp|Olympic|Olympics|WorldChampionships="#cccccc" #default = white}}

    |Gold|G= bgcolor=gold Gold |Silver|S= bgcolor=silver Silver |Bronze|B= bgcolor="#cc9966" Bronze |Winner|W= bgcolor=gold Winner |Runnerup|RU= bgcolor=silver Runner-up |Second|2nd= bgcolor=silver Second |Third|3rd= bgcolor="#cc9966" Third |Playoffs|PO= bgcolor="#cc9966" Playoffs |Disqualified|DQ = bgcolor=pink Disqualified |TrueSpirit|PdC = bgcolor="white"bgcolor="white" Pierre de Coubertin medal |Competition|Comp|Sport|Team = colspan ="3" } |Olympics|Olympic = colspan ="3" Olympic Games |WorldChampionships = colspan ="3" World Championships |Country = colspan ="3" Representing } |Independent = colspan ="3" Competed as an } }}} |Competition|Comp|Country|Sport|Team|Independent|Olym…

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    Ellison and others of the Ellison family co-founded a wikipedia styled called Historipedia, a Wikia website. Ellison was Co-founder and former General Manager since 2014. On November 18, 2016, Ellison stepped down from Co-founder and General Manager of Historipedia, and he will be focusing on his motocross and his YouTube careers. On January 23 of the following year, Ellison returned to Historipedia with the role of Senior editor.

    Throughout his motocross career, Ellison at age of 15, he founded his first and only talking show about Motocross news and topics. The show itself was sponsored to both the Ellison family and Historipedia, as well as the foundations of Ellison and Fox foundation.

    Few weeks after launching the show, he was invited t…

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    | succession = King of Poland
    Grand Duke of Lithuania | reign = 27 November 1815

    • Cienciala, Anna M. "The Foreign Policy of Józef Pi£sudski and Józef Beck, 1926–1939: Misconceptions and Interpretations," The Polish Review (2011) 56#1 pp. 111–151 in JSTOR
    • (Reprinted in Zerkalo Nedeli (The Mirror Weekly), Kiev, 3–9 February February 2001, in Russian and in Ukrainian.)
    • (Translated by J.R. Foster from the German Geschichte der polnischen Nation, 1916–1960.)

    This is only a small selection. See also National Library in Warsaw lists.
    • Wandycz, Piotr S. "Poland's Place in Europe in the Concepts of Piłsudski and Dmowski," East European Politics & Societies (1990) 4#3 pp 451–468.

    • Media related to Charles I, King of the Polish at Category.
    • A site dedicate…

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    | birth_place = Ajaccio, Corsica, Kingdom of France | death_date = | death_place = Vincennes, Second French Empire | placeofburial = | placeofburial_label = | placeofburial_coordinates = | nickname = the Dragoon Prince | allegiance = French Empire
    Kingdom of France
    French Kingdom | branch = French Army | serviceyears = 1799–1848 | rank = Lieutenant Colonel (1799–1805)
    Colonel-General (1805–1848) | servicenumber = | unit = | commands = 19th Dragoon Regiment | battles =

    • French Revolutionary Wars
    • Napoleonic Wars
      • Raid on Boulogne
      • Battle of Caldiero
      • Battle of Austerlitz
      • Battle of Schöngrabern
      • War of the Sixth Coalition

    | awards = Legion of Honour
    Order of the Reunion
    Order of Saint Louis

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    Hello fellow Historipedians,

    Today, #NetNeutrality trend on twitter and other platforms to go againist FCC to protect our internet. Many believes that Historipedia will might be end once the FCC passing, but it doesn't mean it go without a fight. Thousand upon thousand of websites (popular websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc to go against Trump's FCC. Please support us in every way, as well supporting Wikia and other wikias suffered (maybe if i'm wrong.) I hope you all support us and have a great day. And we'll update if anything success or not. Who's knowns

    --Danny W. Ellison, former Co-founder and Historipedia Times Editor-at-large.
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    |successor1 = Joseph Beauforte Lvivoski |order2 = Polish Senator
    form Podlaskie Voivodeship |term_start2= 13 June 1816 |term_end2= 4 March 1830 |predecessor2= Office established |successor2= Stanisław Aleksander Skrzyński |birth_date= |birth_place= Radzilow, Łódź, Poland |death_date= |death_place=Łazienki, Krakow, Poland |restingplace= Kazimierz and John Cathedral, Warsaw, Poland |party = Royalist |spouse = Marie-Gabrielle Capet |relations = |children= two |alma_mater= Krakow University |profession= Politician
    Soldier |religion= Eastern Orthodox
    Roman Catholicism |signature= Signature of Charles Radzilowski.png |signature_alt = Signature of Charles D. Radzilowski

    |nickname= Admiral Radziłówski
    General Prince |allegiance= Kingdom…

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    Hello Historipedians,

    For the past 6 or 7 years in Historipedia as Co-founder and General manager, I've made Historipedia number 4th best wikia website since 2011. An wikia website is owned by my father and other of the my family members which is born as motocross riders. my family members and I have been Historipedia the best we can to content thousands and thousands of you users using the website. Doesn't mean that we "copied" Wikipedia, which totally false.

    As you guys know is that I'm stepping down as Co-founder and General manager to Charles D. Kennedy, a friend is that I've battled with in the beginning of my Motocross career and thankful for his service in the military. Since I'm stepping down, doesn't mean I leave Historipedia for go…

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    We heard the passing of Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan this morning. And we the staff are so suddenly sadden over the passing of Nancy Reagan. Our prayers form the Reagan family, and wish them the best of luck.

    Little History: Nancy Reagan was born on July 6, 1921 in New York. She was wife of President Ronald Reagan from 1981-1989, she was survived after Ronald's death on 2004, when he was 93. She also First Lady of California, from 1967-1975.

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  • DannyKennedy

    Hello everyone, as you always asking me this that "Are you making all the tweets from Historipedia on Twitter". That question is Sometimes. You see, the Historipedia on twitter have 2-3 editors that runs Historipedia on twitter. Most of times, I can't tweet on Historipedia's account on twitter. That's leaves of the two people that's are the same. The time is that I mostly on my main account on twitter.

    But, there are more then 50+ tweets on Historipedia Account on twitter. So that's kinda all of that. Like I said, I mostly on my main account on twitter. Not mostly on Historipedia account. So yeah.


    Yours, Danny W. Ellison

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    Dear staffs of my wikia,

    I just want to know that I'll not letting our users/admins "randomly" put a page, photo, etc that belongs to other Wikias. (for example: Halo Fanon Wiki, Fallout Wikia, etc) If you post any that belongs to ANY post belongs to those wikias, The staff and I will ask you nicely to delete the page quickly, (it allow you a few days). If you refused to delete the COPYRIGHTED pages, photos, etc. I have no choice me and my staff to banned any USER who copyrighted that belongs to any wikias. And your pictures, pages, etc that belongs to any wiki will be perm deleted.

    Thank you.

    Your sincerely,

    Danny W. Ellison aka DannyKennedy, Founder of Historipedia/ARW Wiki

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