Casimir III
Casimir III Ellison was at Warsaw, with U.S President, President Obama.
King of Poland
Reign 20 July 1989 - present
Coronation 3 August 1989
Predecessor Alexander XVII
Heir apparent Casimir IV, Prince of Poland
Prime Ministers See list
King of Szczecin Lagoon
Reign 3 August 1989 - 12 March 2009
Predecessor New monarchs created; Lagoon Congress
Successor Crown Prince of Lagoon; Casimir IV
Born 1 January 1963 (aged 50)
St. Berkshire Palace, Warsaw, Poland
Spouse Mika XIV
Casimir IV, Prince of Poland
Edward XIV, Duke of Poland
Full name
Danny James Ellison, III
House House of Ellison
Father Casimir II
Mother Mika
Religion De Huased
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