A Demiprince is the offspring of a Daedric Prince or Daedra Lord and a lesser entity, such as a mortal. While they inherit aspects of their Daedric parent, they are notably eccentric and lack basic characteristics such as foresight, memory, cruelty, or willfulness. Some are given, or acquire, minor pocket realms of Oblivion to rule over. These realms are often considered "bizarre" or "eccentric," even by Oblivion's standards. Some demiprinces are known to occasionally visit Mundus for the express purpose of interacting with mortals.[OOG 1]

Known Demiprinces

  • Fa-Nuit-Hen – The Multiplier of Motions Known.[1] Fa-Nuit-Hen owns multiple small realms used as arenas, and is assisted by Tutor Riparius in order to differentiate his dreams from reality.[2]
  • Koagorath – The Lord of Resurrection. Koagorath ownes his own realms, the Darkness Hell. Koagorath have a long time rivaly which is Boethiah, Prince of Plots.
  • Morihaus – Morihaus, son of Kyne, is considered to be a Demiprince despite his Aedric origins.[OOG 2]




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