Fifty Years' War
Clockwise from top left: the Battle of Plassey (23 June 1757); the Battle of Carillon (6–8 July 1758); the Battle of Zorndorf (25 August 1758); the Battle of Kunersdorf (12 August 1759).
Date 1690–1740
Location Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia
Status quo ante bellum in Europe. Transfer of colonial possessions between Great Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal.
Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire

23x15px Great Britain


Template:Country data Habsburg Monarchy Holy Roman Empire:

 Russia (until 1762)
22x20px Spain (from 1762)
Sweden Sweden (1757–62)
Abenaki Confederacy
23x15px Mughal Empire (from 1757)

Commanders and leaders
Holy Roman Empire Leopold I

Holy Roman Empire Joseph I (1705–1711)
Holy Roman Empire Charles VI (1711–1736)
Holy Roman EmpireBavaria Charles VII John (1736–1745)

22x20px Frederick II

23x15px King Joseph I

Template:Country data Hanover Duke Ferdinand

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