Henry Paul
Henry Paul 2017.jpg
Paul in 2017
Nationality American
  • Good King Henry
Born Henry Matthew Paul
(1997-07-05) July 5, 1997 (age 23)
Ontario, Toronto, Canada
Career history
Racing status Active
Years active 2013–present
Number(s) 5
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight 167 lb (76 kg)
GP debut 2013 / Light 125cc
First GP win Oct 3, 2013
Career record
Total races 68
Wins 53
Grands Prix 39
Losses 9
Draws 4
No contests 2
Career statistics
Fastest laps 58
Success wins 7.6

Henry Matthew Paul (born July 5, 1997 in Toronto, Canada) was former Canadian professional motocross racer, racing from 2013 to 2019, he was nicknamed "Good King Henry" after French King Henry IV. He is currently 7-time One-on-One Champion,

Early life

Professional motocross career

Early career

X Games

Light 125cc

Second reign as OnO Junior champion

Paul vs. Truchon

Paul vs. Ellison

Super 450cc

Paul vs. Ford

On December 5, 2018, Tucker publicly announced he would come out of retirement for a racing match with Henry Paul and urged Paul to come to an agreement for the proposed race.[1][2] On December 15, 2018, Henry Paul negations that his stance against a Tucker–Paul bout and said that he would not deprive Paul from making a massive payday.[3][4] On December 22, 2018, Paul reportedly agreed to terms with Danny Tucker for a bout.[5]

Two days later, it was officially announced that Paul would compete in his first non-title race match against the undefeated Danny W. Tucker, on 4 January 2019 at Pala Raceway in Irvine, California. The bout was contested at Super 450cc and 250cc Motocross classes.[6][7] The fight was expected to be the richest in boxing history.[8]

On 2 January 2019, it was announced that Tucker and Paul would be facing off for the ONO Raptor title.[9] According to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Tucker would earn a guaranteed purse of $100 million and McGregor was guaranteed $30 million.[10]

In front of 14,623, far short of a sell-out, Tucker won via GP in the 7th round, setting the record for the longest active professional career unbeaten run, at 60. In the opening round, Tucker, as in previous races, started slowly to work out Paul racing's tactics. In the post-race, he revealed it was part of the game plan to let Paul racing and passed himself out in the early rounds. Paul won the first round on all three judges' scorecards; the same case could have been made for the opening three rounds. Paul was warned a few times through the fight for hitting behind the head, but no points were deducted by referee Robert Byrd. By the fourth round, Paul began to tire and breathe heavily with his mouth open. Tucker started to take control and landed with his right hands. For the next few rounds, Paul came out throwing shots in the opening 30 seconds, but immediately tired, giving Paul enough time to carry on landing clean and winning the rounds. In round 9, McGregor had almost nothing left. His face started showing redness; although he didn't look hurt, he was very fatigued. Two of the judges scored the round 10–8 to Tucker. In round 7, Tucker landed some hard shots which staggered McGregor across the ring and had him heavily slopped against the ropes. After a few unanswered punches with McGregor barely on his feet, the referee waved the fight off. The time of stoppage was 1 minute and 5 seconds of round 10.[11]

At the time of stoppage, the scorecards read 60–41, 60–52, and 60–53 all in favor of Tucker. Paul was praised by Dana White in the post-fight press conference for landing 111 punches of 430 thrown (26%) on Tucker, which was more than what Manny Pacquiao landed in his fight against Mayweather (billed as The Fight of the Century), and more than any of Mayweather's previous nine opponents. Mayweather was much more accurate however, landing 170 of 320 punches thrown (53%).[12]

Tucker said of the fight, "This was my last race. Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, for sure I chose the right dance partner to dance with. Henry Paul, you are a hell of a champion." He added, "He's a tough competitor and I think we gave the fans what they wanted to see. I owed them for the Pacquiao fight. I must come straight ahead and give the fans a show, and that's what I gave them." McGregor felt the fight was stopped prematurely, but respected the decision and admitted he was tired.[13]

Nevada State Athletic Commission announced the live gate for the event was $55,414,865.79 from 13,094 tickets sold and 137 complimentary tickets given out. This was far less than the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, which grossed $72 million from a paid attendance of 16,219 in 2015, despite claims from Ellerbe and Mayweather that it did more than $80 million.[14] Sky Sports announced the fight garnered over a million PPV buys in the UK and grossed in excess of £20 million, surpassing the record set in April 2017 when Anthony Joshua defeated Wladimir Klitschko in front of 90,000 at Wembley Stadium. This also meant the fight generated more buys in the UK than Mayweather-Pacquiao which took place in 2015.[15] On 14 December 2017, Showtime officially announced that the fight recorded the 2nd highest buy rate in the United States and Canada at 4.3 million pay-per-view buys.[16]

Second return to X Games

Paul vs. Moore

On January 1, 2019, it been reported that Moore is making his 125cc debut and was announced he was looking to return at the start of the year and was interested in dropping down to 125cc and racing the winner of Danny Tucker and Paul, which it be held on January 4, 2019. The winner of the Tucker-Paul become an seriously is that it can be re-match between Moore and Tucker, which he will make his retirement from professional motocross racing. Moore then announced that he will raced against either Henry Paul, Charles D. Kennedy or Ryan Williams. After the bout, Tucker improved his record with 60–0 after Paul defeated by Tucker in the seventh round, and retired undefeated. With Paul was mourn after his loss, and announce on Tucker Raceway that he wanted Dominic Moore, Tucker's friend and was accepted two days later it was accepted for January 18, 2019, at the U.S. Bank Stadium, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In front of about 14,000 people, Paul defeated Moore in the fifth round, throughout the race, Paul becoming dominated over Moore, even though he won round one, but with multiple crashes in rounds second, fourth and fifth rounds that Moore losing scores. The official scoreboards reads; 60–59 (Paul), 58–59 (Moore), 60–51 (Paul). Since the Paul and Moore were friends throughout their lives, a simple handshake of respect between the two. After the race, Paul gives respect to Moore and that "After the race, Moore and I discussing about we both defeated by Tucker and about his retirement for the final time, and we all going to missed the Raptor and he giving us [Moore and Paul] a good luck during the race and our future."

Paul vs. Georges

Paul fought Chris Georges on January 25, 2019 during the undercard of Leopold Peeters vs. Kungawo Zuma race. Paul will defended his the 150cc (Super) OnO and Light 250cc lineal titles and the silver medal at the Aspen Motorsports Park, in Aspen, Colorado. Before the race, Paul was pursed to make 400,000 pounds and Georges was pursed to make 320,000 pounds. At the race, Paul defeated George, by just sixty-eight seconds at the start of the five round.

Super 250cc

Paul vs. Peeters

After Paul signed with the 250cc class in October 2018, reports circulated that Paul was the front-runner to face Leopold Peeters in March 2019.[17] On October 18, 2018, Peeters confirmed that the deal was almost complete.[18] On February 5, 2019, a press conference was held in New York City to confirm the fight between Paul and Peeters on March 3, 2019, for the the OnO (regular), (Junior) Grand Prix, 150cc (Super) OnO and Light 250cc lineal titles. The fight took place at the Fox Raceway in Pala, California and was distributed by Showtime PPV.[19]

A week before the race, Peeters and Paul hold a press conference on February 25, 2019. In front of 12,500 sell out people, Peeters defeated Paul by split decision. This is the first decision victory since he defeated Kungawo Zuma on January 2019. Between rounds, both Peeters and Paul most pressured on each other, making both racers difficult to race and even toughest racers.

In rounds one to three, both of the races pressuring on each other, making that the beginning of the supperrace. Peeters and Paul said that, 'it was one of most toughest opponent and race of their life time'. At the closing rounds, Peeters managed to made Paul crash, and it was succeeded doing so. In the final round of seven, Peeters made a 3-lap comeback while Paul managed to get a lead for 3-lap. After the race, both of the racers shake hands, this is the also the Leopold's hand shake first respect since 2012, and Paul's second since he fought and raced Danny W. Tucker on January 4. It's possible to have an re-match between the two.

Paul vs. Peeters II

Paul confirmed on his twitter that his re-match against Peeters. In front of a crowd of 64,200 people at the King Baudouin Stadium, in Brussels, Belgium on March 18, making the new record attendance since the Anderlecht-Dundee on 6 March 1963. Peeters defeated Paul in the re-match by split decision with scores of 51–42, 59–51 and 60–59 by retaining his 150cc (Super) OnO, GP Junior and the IMC titles. Peeters dominated Paul in the opening rounds one to four, making Paul crash on round two, and again on round three and six. After the race, Peeters said, "Well that was a race, and I give [Henry] Paul the amount of respect from me, because after the first one, both Paul and I wanted a re-match … I'm thinking taking a break of racing, or you considered my third retirement to focus on my Senator re-election in May." The Racer X statics manage to all scores to Peeters, which Paul landing more speed 70.4 mph then Peeters' of 69.1 mph.

Return to Super 450cc

Paul vs. Nurbekov

Paul raced Rustem Nurbekov for the vacant the 150cc (Super) ONO title, at the FOX Racing in Pala, California on April 6, 2019. While Nurbekov is undefeated with 22–0 victories and good for his speed. While Paul's speed is 18 slower speed then Nurbekov. Nurbekov went on to defeated Paul by GP, making Paul's eight loss.

Paul vs. Ellison II

Paul raced Jeff Ellison on April 19, 2019 for the 250cc ONO, and vacant Junior GP titles. The race took place at the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California. In front of 50,000, Paul defeated Ellison by Grand Prix.

Paul vs. Nurbekov II

On April 30, 2019, the Ford Raceway announced that Ellison will race against undefeated ONO Rustem Nurbekov on May 26, 2019, which the race will took place during the undercard of Tony Cairoli vs. Leopold Peeters, at the Ford Raceway in Springdale, Arkansas. Before the race took place, Nurbekov call out Danny W. Ford that he will be the one who defeat Ford on January 4, not Paul.

Throughout the race with front of 50,700 people, with Paul dominated the race, Ford, who at the attendance managed to interrupted during the race at round 6, with attacking Nurbekov. Both Ford and Nabokov were pull away from the brawl, the race ended in no contest.

Paul vs. Nurbekov III

With the possible trilogy, Nurbekov went on losing an exhibition race against Ford on April 7. A day following the lost, a possible trilogy race with Nurbekov starts to negotiations. In a week after on Jun 12, the trilogy race was confirmed by the ONO and Ford Raceway, which took place at the Ford Raceway in Springdale, Arkansas on June 18, 2019. At the event, Paul defeated Nurbekov by GP in the fifth round.

Light 98cc

Paul vs. Moore

On June 23, 2019, the ONO and Ford Raceway announced that Paul moved to the Light 98cc division, with his debut by winning an title for his debut race match. The current Light 98cc champion Dominic Moore defeated Seth Jones by retaining the (Light) 98cc title. Instead of non-title race for his Light 98cc debut, Paul refused to race Johnny Michaels Jr. (31–0–0), because Michaels had upcoming race match.

Three days later, Paul confirmed on twitter that he will race Dominic Moore for the (Light) 98cc title. The race will be held at the Alamodome, in San Antonio, Texas on July 1, 2019. At the event, Paul dominates the race with 94.5 pressure of the 67 points of Moroe's 61 points.

Super 85cc

Paul vs. Williams

On July 9, 2019, Paul announced on Twitter that he will race against Five-classes world champion Charles Williams (55–1–1; 41 GP) for the Super 85cc ONO title. At the event, Paul was defeated by Williams.

Final return to Light 98cc

Paul vs. Ellison II

On August 2, 2019, Paul raced Jeff Ellison for an re-match at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Paul announced that he will defend his (Light) 98cc title. At the event of 50,000, Paul defeated Ellison, making the Paul-Ellison rivalry is 2-0 record.

Retirement and Return

Paul vs. Jones

Paul raced Seth Jones (49–11–2) for Paul announced that he will defend his (Light) 98cc title. The race took place on August 16, 2019, at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the event of 125,000 people, Paul defeated Jones by GP. At rounds 1-3, Paul completely dominates Jones, making him crash multiple times. In rounds 4-5, Paul caught Jones and passed him, gaining the lead and mock Jones for pervious encounter back in May 2015, when Paul and Jones brawl. In round 5, Paul crashed for the first time by Jones, but managed to regain his strength by passing Jones again. In round 6, Jones managed to keep up the pace as Paul was difficult to control the round, making Jones' its only round win. In the closing round, Paul managed to make Jones crashed twice.

Two days after the race, Paul announced his retirement on twitter with rumors before the race took place that Paul will be retiring in professionally. The tweets reads, "After my win over Jones two days ago, It was one of the best races I ever had." Another reads, "I've fought Ford on his retirement race, and I blessed him. Now it's time to hang my boots and it's time; thanks for your support."

Paul vs. Jackson

Paul made his comeback on October 14, 2019 at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota and made his successfully retaining his 98cc light title against Joe Jackson by grand prix.

Third return to X Games

Paul vs. Williams II

On October 3, 2019 after the Williams-Stewart race, Williams had part ways to Shift Racing for nine years, and two weeks later in November, Williams signed with Fox Racing. On October 13, 2019, Williams reported that he will raced Henry Paul in an re-match, however Paul decline the re-match. However on two months later on December 3, Williams confirmed that negotiations with Henry Paul is complete and will set at the event of Winter X Games XXIV at the Buttermilk Ski Area, in Pitkin County, Colorado on January 24, 2020.

Super 150cc

Paul vs. Ramirez

Paul raced the undefeated racer Carl Ramirez (34–0; 26 GP) on February 7, 2020 at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Paul is scheduled to defend his the (Light) 98cc, and the FIM while Ramirez is also scheduled for defend his Super 150cc ONO title. At the event, Paul defeated Ramirez with 50-50 fan support for to win.

Paul vs. Ozoliņš

Paul raced Klaids Ozoliņš on February 23, 2020 at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the event Paul defeated Ozoliņš.

Paul vs. Haagensen

On March 1, 2020, Paul raced Olav Haagensen at the Hafjell Ski Resort in Øyer, Norway for the (Light) 98cc, the FIM, and the lineal MX titles. Paul defeated Haagensen in an controversial Grand Prix win. After the short win victory, Paul get interfered and confronted by returning Undefeated Legend Danny Ford.[20] This is may set up for possible X Games 26 match.

Paul vs. Ford II

A week before Winter X Games XXIV, rumors had spread that Ford is reportedly making an comeback after that his injuries are 'cleared', as he is trying to make to and will participated both the 2020 FIM Motocross and ONO Motocross Championships.[21] However a day before the race X Games day, Ford denies that his pervious and final race is a year ago and he is currently signed a post-career contract with Fox Racing as its trainer, as well as had various of exhibitions races including that he will race at X Games as it main race.[22] Though the reports and rumors that both Ford and Paul are agreed that it was rumored that both racers are scheduled to race again at the upcoming X Games 26 event.[23][24] As of March 2020, Ford and Paul are currently in negations for an re-match, and said they did agreed that it will be an non-title match.[25][26]

After 1 month and 20 days of negations for an re-match, Ford and Paul are agreement that it will be an non-title match, and an meeting is scheduled for March 17.[27] Ford then appeared a day later for an re-meeting scheduled, which both Paul and Ford had their contract signed for an re-match, and both of the men agreed for the tune-up race respectfully before the rematch.[28][29] Paul then confirmed his turn-up race against Olav Haagensen, an re-match on March 25, 2020 at the Ford Raceway in Springdale, Arkansas. However due to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic, the venue was of the re-match is also re-scheduled to the Ford Raceway.[citation needed] At the event, at the three and forty-two minutes into the fourth round, Paul was defeated by Paul to improved his undefeated record of 60th win.[30][31]

Personal life

Professional motocross record

Professional record summary
68 races 53 wins 9 losses
By grandprix 38 6
By decision 15 3
Draws 4
No contests 2
No. Result Record Opponent Date Location Notes
69 N/A N/A Canada Williams Isaac Neill TBA Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas
68 Loss 53–9–4 (2) United States Danny Ford Apr 7, 2020 Ford Raceway, Springdale, Arkansas
67 Win 53–8–4 (2) Mexico Carl Ramirez Mar 14, 2020 Fox Raceway, Pala, California Retained the ONO Super 150cc, Light 98cc, and the lineal titles
66 NC 52–8–4 (2) Norway Olav Haagensen Mar 1, 2020 Hafjell Ski Resort, Øyer, NOR Retained the (Light) 98cc, Super 150cc ONO, the FIM and lineal MX titles;
Originally an GP win for Paul, later ruled an NC after Danny Ford interfered.
65 Win 52–8–4 (1) Latvia Klaids Ozoliņš Feb 23, 2020 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the (Light) 98cc, Super 150cc ONO, the FIM and lineal MX titles
64 Win 51–8–4 (1) Mexico Carl Ramirez Feb 7, 2020 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the (Light) 98cc, the FIM and lineal MX titles;
Won the Super 150cc ONO title
63 Draw 50–8–4 (1) United States Charles Williams Jan 24, 2020 Buttermilk Ski Area, Pitkin County, Colorado For the Super 450cc ONO title, the FIM and lineal MX titles
62 Win 50–8–3 (1) United States Joe Jackson Oct 14, 2019 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the (Light) 98cc title
61 Win 49–8–3 (1) Canada Seth Jones Aug 16, 2019 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the (Light) 98cc title
60 Win 48–8–3 (1) United States Jeff Ellison Aug 2, 2019 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the (Light) 98cc title
59 Loss 47–8–3 (1) United States Charles Williams Jul 16, 2019 Ford Raceway, Springdale, Arkansas For the Super 85cc ONO title
58 Win 47–7–3 (1) United States Dominic Moore Jul 1, 2019 Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas Won the (Light) 98cc title
57 Win 46–7–3 (1) Kazakhstan Rustem Nurbekov Jun 18, 2019 Ford Raceway, Springdale, Arkansas
56 NC 45–7–3 (1) Kazakhstan Rustem Nurbekov May 26, 2019 Ford Raceway, Springdale, Arkansas
55 Win 45–7–3 United States Jeff Ellison Apr 19, 2019 Staples Center, Los Angeles, California Won the 250cc ONO title;
Won the vacant (Junior) GP title
54 Draw 44–7–3 Kazakhstan Rustem Nurbekov Apr 6, 2019 FOX Raceway, Pala, California For the vacant 150cc (Super) ONO title
53 Loss 44–7–2 Belgium Leopold Peeters Mar 18, 2019 King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels, Belgium For the 150cc (Super) ONO, (regular) ONO, (Junior) Grand Prix and the Light 250cc lineal titles
52 Loss 44–6–2 Belgium Leopold Peeters Mar 3, 2019 FOX Raceway, Pala, California Lost the 150cc (Super) ONO and Light 250cc lineal titles;
For the ONO (regular) title, lineal titles and the (Junior) Grand Prix title.
51 Win 44–5–2 Canada Chris Georges Jan 25, 2019 Aspen Motorsports Park, Aspen, Colorado Retained the 150cc (Super) ONO and Light 250cc lineal titles;
Won the silver medal.
50 Win 43–5–2 United States Dominic Moore Jan 18, 2019 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the 150cc (Super) ONO and Light 250cc lineal titles
49 Loss 42–5–2 United States Danny Ford Jan 4, 2019 Pala Raceway, Irvine, California
48 Win 42–4–2 United States Jeff Ellison Oct 15, 2018 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the 150cc (Super) ONO and Light 250cc lineal titles
47 Win 41–4–2 Canada Ayden Truchon Sep 23, 2018 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the 150cc (Super) ONO and Light 250cc lineal titles
46 Win 40–4–2 United States Jason Murphy Sep 16, 2018 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the 150cc (Super) ONO and Light 250cc lineal titles
45 Win 39–4–2 United Kingdom Brett Everett Sep 2, 2018 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the 150cc (Super) ONO and Light 250cc lineal titles
44 Win 38–4–2 Canada Jean-François Brett Aug 24, 2018 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the 150cc (Super) ONO and Light 250cc lineal titles
43 Win 37–4–2 Russia Dykhovichny Alesnarovich Aug 4, 2018 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Retained the 150cc (Super) ONO and Light 250cc lineal titles
42 Win 36–4–2 Bulgaria Zykin Galabinov Jul 22, 2018 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Won the 150cc (Super) ONO and Light 250cc lineal titles
41 Loss 35–4–2 Bulgaria Zykin Galabinov Jul 13, 2018 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
40 Win 35–3–2 Russia Miron Mikhailovich Jul 8, 2018
39 Win 34–3–2 Canada Hugo Ducharme Jun 23, 2018
38 Win 33–3–2 Belgium Jun 11, 2018
37 Loss 32–3–2 Canada Jun 4, 2018
36 Win 32–2–2 Canada May 21, 2018
35 Win 31–2–2 United States Apr 25, 2018
34 Win 30–2–2 United States Apr 2, 2018
33 Win 29–2–2 Belgium Xaver Schopenhauer Mar 25, 2018
32 Loss 28–2–2 Mexico Milagros Amengual Mar 18, 2018
31 Draw 28–1–2 France Daniel Vaugrenard Mar 5, 2018
30 Win 28–1–1 France Daniel Vaugrenard Feb 27, 2018
29 Draw 27–1–1 Mexico Juan Carlos Feb 21, 2018
28 Loss 27–1 Germany Xaver Schopenhauer Feb 18, 2018
27 Win 27–0 United States Feb 15, 2018
26 Win 26–0 Italy Feb 2, 2018
25 Win 25–0 United States Jan 26, 2018
24 Win 24–0 Italy Jan 20, 2018
23 Win 23–0 France Raymond Lazard Jan 14, 2018
22 Win 22–0 France Marc-Antoine Gigot Dec 28, 2017
21 Win 21–0 Mexico Juan Manuel Morillo Jul 13, 2017
20 Win 20–0 Germany Marian Lemberger Jul 1, 2017
19 Win 19–0 United States Thomas Price Jun 23, 2017
18 Win 18–0 United States Oscar Demantina Jun 4, 2017
17 Win 17–0 Mexico Primitivo Manzanares May 22, 2017
16 Win 16–0 Mexico Samuel Leoz Apr 4, 2017
15 Win 15–0 Canada Lewis Cunningham Jr. Mar 16, 2017
14 Win 14–0 United States Patrick Lee Dec 29, 2016 Won the Silver medal.
13 Win 13–0 Canada Nolan Racicot Aug 23, 2016
12 Win 12–0 Canada Nathaniel Matte Aug 2, 2016
11 Win 11–0 Canada Mickael Fradette Sep 27, 2015
10 Win 10–0 Canada Nicholas Diotte Oct 26, 2015
9 Win 9–0 Canada Felix Brassard Jun 4, 2015
8 Win 8–0 Canada Charles Martineau Feb 2, 2015
7 Win 7–0 Canada Guillaume Pinard Sep 15, 2014
6 Win 6–0 Canada James Carbonneau Aug 23, 2014
5 Win 5–0 Canada Emile Brisson Jul 2, 2014
4 Win 4–0 Canada Hayden St-Hilaire Feb 2, 2014
3 Win 3–0 Mexico Juanita Tasis Oct 25 2013
2 Win 2–0 Canada Anselma Dostie Oct 3, 2013
1 Win 1–0 Canada Tommy Cameron Sep 12, 2013 Professional debut

Exhibtion motocross record

Professional record summary
1 race 1 win 0 losses
By grandprix 1 0
1 win (1 grandprix)
No. Result Record Opponent Date Location Notes
1 Win 1–0 Norway Olav Haagensen Mar 25, 2020 Ford Raceway, Springdale, Arkansas This is an tune-up for an upcoming rematch.

Other work

Awards and nominations


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