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This Wikia is an fictional, MOST of the articles, like monarchs, kingdoms, etc is an fictional that alterative history with some or all "real-based" or fictional events that been manipulated. Most of the fiction articles are from Wikipedia itself. Do not take this wikia seriously!

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Historipedia is a wikia sharing site founded by and three Ford family founders Chris Ford, Richard H. Ford and Danny W. Ford (if you need him, go to his user page) in February 2009.

With thousands of Historipedians and millions of pages. Historipedia has been such a popular website since its release.

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We are currently housing 1,999 articles, and 1,791 files.

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Charles D. Kennedy, Kennedy is an retired Professional Motocross rider, and currently the Co-Founder of Historipedia. Kennedy was one of famous rivalry with his now friend Danny "The Raptor" Ellison (see Ellison's undefeated Streak. We are Honored to have Charles D. Kennedy in the Hall of Fame!
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