Leopold Peeters
Peeters in 2015.
52nd Prime Minister of Belgium
Assumed office
27 October 2019
Monarch Philippe
Deputy Koen Geens
Alexander De Croo
Didier Reynders (2019)
David Clarinval
Preceded by Charles Michel
Senator of Belgium
In office
25 May 2014 – 27 October 2019
Monarch Philippe
Preceded by Jacques Brotchi
Succeeded by TBD
Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Assumed office
22 October 2017
Preceded by Cathy Paulus
Member of the Chamber of Representatives
from Antwerp Province
In office
25 May 2010 – 25 May 2014
Preceded by François Declerck
Succeeded by August Kinsbergen
Personal details
Born Leopold Janssen Peeters
(1979-12-29) December 29, 1979 (age 41)
Liège, Belgium
Political party Reformist Movement (2018–present)
Peeterist Champion's Party (2017–present)
Other political
People's Party (2013–2015)
Independent (2009–2018)
N-VA (2012–2013)
CD&V (Before 2009–2010)
Open VLD (Before 2009)
Mara Coussement (m. 2010)
Children 2
Website theleopoldpeeters.com

Professional motocross career
Nationality Belgian
Nickname(s) Senator
The Belgian Kaiser
Achievements and awards
Career history
Racing status Semi-active
Years active 19962003; 20042019; 2020–present
Number(s) 11
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight 160 lb (73 kg)
GP debut 1996 / MX2
Career record
Total races 58
Wins 55
Grands Prix 46
Losses 1
Draws 2
Career statistics
4–1[citation needed]
Fastest laps 94
Success wins 99.1
Medal record
Men's athletics
Representing  Belgium
Grand Prix
Gold medal – first place 1994 Grand Prix Motocross
Bronze medal – third place 1995 Grand Prix Motocross

Leopold Janssen Peeters, COL (born 29 December 1979), better known by his initials LJP, is a Belgian politician, currently serving as the 52nd Prime Minister of Beligum since 2020 and semi-retired professional motocross racer. He raced from 1996–2016, 2018–2019 and since 2020. He had served previously as a Senator of Belgium from 2014 to 2020. As an Amateur, he won a Gold medal at the 1998 Grand Prix. He's best known for his two-raced matches, for 17 years from his debut in 1996 to 2013.

Peeters was the 2003 MX2-GP World Champion. He repeated as MX1-GP world champion in 2007 although he did not win a single GP in that year.[1] Peeters raced for the Teka Suzuki team managed by former world champion Eric Geboers and his brother Sylvain Geboers (both defeated), until an injury ended his GP career in 2011. He also won the Belgian national championship in 1999 (in the 125cc category), 2004 and 2006 (both in the MX1-GP category). As of March 2019, Peeters was ranked pound for pound, by the The Track and ONO. Having been undefeated for 23-years, he is one of the former undefeated racers and longest years who haven't lost.

Beyond racing, Peeters has participated and officially announce his candancy for Belgian Senate, and run candidate for the People's Party for the 2014 election. Peeters was elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2019 to the Chamber of Representatives in the 53th legislature from the Antwerp Province. On May 2014, he was elected to the Belgian Senate for the 54th legislature, and making the first motocross racer to elected to the office. In 2018, Peeters went independent after his released of the People's Party and joined the Reformist Movement, while he created his own party called the Peeterist Champion's Party (PCP) the pervious year in 2017.

Peeters has been considered a top contender for Belgian federal election, 2019. Incumbent prime minster Charles Michel and King Philippe announced in December 2017 and December 2018 that he intends to make Peeters his successor.[2]


Early life

Leopold Janssen Peeters was born on 29 December 1979 in Liège, Belgium. He was the son of Karl John Peeters, the former German motocross rider and Johannah Meetes, an Belgian farmer and bartender.

Amateur motocross career

Peeters announced that he will racing during the 1994 Grand Prix Championship, at 17. His nickname during his amateur career is "The Eternal Leo", which took the name of his "Eternal Lighting" face and Leo, the next three name of his first name. During the 1994 Grand Prix, Peeters raced Denny Stephenson of Omaha, Nebraska, which Peeters defeated Stephenson in the third round and won the Gold medal after Peeters defeated Paul Jefferson of Michigan.

At the 1995 Grand Prix Championship, Peeters defeated Zenon Lupinski of Poland in round one. At round two, Peeters defeated Blagun Zdravkov of Bulgaria. At round three, Peeters was defeated by Liam Mcdonald of England, which Peeters was knocked out of the race, and won the Bronze medal. But Mcdonald of England was arrested the follow day of the race, and Peeters was put back into the GP Championship. Peeters defeated various of racers including all over the round, including Blagun Zdravkov of Bulgaria in a re-match and new-comer Seth Kennedy of Canada. Peeters defeated Théo Peters of Brussles, Belgium to win the 1995 Grand Prix Junior Championship, and both Theo and Leopold both meet again as professionals seven years later on February 2, 2002.

Professional motocross career

Early career

Peeters started in 1997 in the 125cc class, where he won the championship in 2003, after becoming vice-champion in 2001 and 2002. From 2004 he drives in the MX1 class. He was fourth in the final standings of the 2004 and 2005 championships and third in 2006. Peeters's first debut is against Joseph McJohn Jr. at the 1999 FIM Motocross Championship on September 21, 1999 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, where he defeated McJohn. Peeters went on to win from 2000 to 2007.


In 2007 he won the championship after Stefan Everts won the championship six years in a row and ended it at the end of 2006. Ramon also won the Belgian 125cc championship in 1999 and 2000 and the Belgian MX1 championship in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008. In 2003 he won the Motocross of Nations with compatriots Stefan Everts and Joel Smets and in 2004 the title was won with Stefan Everts and Kevin Strijbos.

Second return to 125cc

In 2008, Ramon finished second in the championship after the Italian with Belgian roots David Philippaerts. During the championship of 2009 on the circuit of Valkenswaard Ramon broke a cervical vertebra so he could not race for two months.[3] In July he drove another race for the Belgian championship for the first time after the accident.[4]

Return to 150cc

On the "yellow" team Geboers Steve wins the third place, but in 2010 takes full advantage of injuries Joshua Coppins (long dominator of the championship) and team-mate Strijbos to win the second title career champion, without having won only one Grand Prix in the queen class.

On July 30, 2011, during the qualifying of the Grand Prix of Limburg, to Lommel, he suffers a serious accident that in the first moments causes fear of paralysis. After the medical tests, we learn that Steve has suffered a contusion of the spinal column and that he will have to follow a long rehabilitation before resuming full physical functions..[5][6]

X Games

Peeters vs. Bernatowicz

Peeters fought Władysław Bernatowicz (29–6–0; 15 GP Wins) who is a multiple athlete that includes Professional motocross and kickboxing, that fought on April 20, 2013 in Iguaçu National Park in Paraná, Brazil for an Bronze medal. Billed as "Rusty General", it could been Peeters' most difficult race with both races tied points into the second and later in the six round.

In the seven round, it all-out war as both Peeters and Bernatowicz pressuring each other to get a win. At 1:30 minutes left, Peeters swap passed, pressuring Bernatowicz and led to his crashed. Peeters contunine to went on without a problem as he went as last lap, at the time Bernatowicz back on the back, with no hope, caused his mental breakdown. One innocent where during the last lap of the final round, Bernatowicz almost grabbed Peeters due to anger, with Peeters passed him. Peeters defeated Bernatowicz and won an bronze model, the official scoreboards is 60–58 (Peeters), 52–60 (Bernatowicz), and Judge Ricky Francis scored an tie, 60–60.

After the race, Bernatowicz wants a re-match with Peeters, while the negotiations attempts were back and forth, Bernatowicz than fought an non-title race against Scotty Richards on August 2, 2013, which Bernatowicz won.

Third return to 125cc

Peeters vs. Bernatowicz II

After Bernatowicz's victory over Scotty Richards, finally another negotiation on Augustus 20, and sent an re-match date on September 17, 2013, at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. During the race and an re-match, Peeters dominates Bernatowicz in first to three rounds. Later in fourth to six rounds, both Peeters and Bernatowicz pressuring each other again, but Bernatowicz failed and was tricked by Peeters when they met in the corner and Peeters won round six round; now tie, 3–3. In the beginning of the seven and final round, Peeters and Bernatowicz surpassing each other while Peeters pressing him, making Bernatowicz crashed. The crowd cheers as Peeters won the final round, defeating Bernatowicz in an closed racing match, from 4–3. The scoreboards is again in to the first race, 60–58 (Peeters) and 52–53 (Bernatowicz) — making the points for 112 Peeters, and 111 for Bernatowicz. The re-match was billed as "The Race of the Century".

First retirement

Peeters vs. Meinrad

At age of 37, Peeters announced that his last race match. Before he will or not retired undefeated, Peeters had little brawl against German Clément Marie Meinrad (31–11) resulting Peeters was injuried. But he already recovered before his last match and tell the world that he will pay for it.

On January 21, 2016 at X-Games in Austin, Texas. Before the match, Peeters was stopped by his American friend Chris K. Ellison where they talk little bit. At his race match against Meinrad, Peeters defeated Meinrad. After his match, Peeters announced his retirement with undefeated record of 36–0.

Comeback and second retirement

Peeters vs. Smith

Almost two years after his retirement, he announced to made a comeback to wanted to go to his 30th convective win, last time when his friend Danny W. Tucker surpassed Peeters to reach his 30th win. His comeback was announced during the undercard of the Tucker-Auguste racing match on 21 May 2018. While questioning about the possible racing match against Tucker; which Peeters was worked at his motocross raceway at Danny's homestate of Arkansas. Peeters explains, "Well I been friends with The Raptor [Danny Tucker] and it will be amazing, but that's his decision not me. Besides, this match which I'm undercarding at my friend's racing match will be my last win a win of a comeback." On May 14th, it announced that he will race against Charles Smith (28–4–3; 21 GP Wins). On May 21st, Peeters defeated Smith. Official scoreboards reads 50–32, 50–30, and 50–32 all favoring of Peeters. After his racing match, Peeters announced his retirement for the final time with his 37th consecutive victory.

Second comeback

Peeters vs. McJohn Jr.

On early September 2018, the rumors that during the interview, Peeters is confirming to making his comeback after five-months retirement. Another rumor was that Peeters will making his comeback by signing a 5-races deal contract with possibility ended in 2019 (with possible that both Tucker and Peeters retired the same year), which he can make about thirty-five races with no loss. Racer X announced that Peeters agreed to race "Mother" George Hamilton Jr. on October 28, 2018, at the Glen Helen Raceway, in San Bernardino, California and thus McJohn Jr will defending his Grand Prix Junior Championship — which Peeters agrees.

In front of 150,000 people, Peeters defeated Hamilton and won the Grand Prix Junior Championship and retaining the IMC champion titles.

Peeters vs. Ryan

Peeters fought James Ryan (47–4–1; 41 GP Wins) on November 12, 2018 at the Tucker Raceway in Springdale, Arkansas. Peeters announced to be defended his Grand Prix Junior Championship and the IMC champion titles.

In front of 150,000 at the raceway, Peeters dominates and defeated Ryan (which is Ryan's second consecutive loss after losing to Charles Kennedy). With Peeters dominance with rounds 1 to 6, Ryan's with much about losing — but keeps passivate. But with Peeters' only crash with round 4, with makes Ryan an upper hand for a 50 to 52 seconds.

After defeating Ryan, Peeters improved his record of 39 wins with no losses, 39–0; and have pursed of $500,000 and while Williams have $240,000. The official scoreboards reads 60–32 (Peeters), 60–24 (Peeters) and Judge John DeFrancis tied it of 60–60.


Peeters vs. Suzuki

Ford Raceway announced that Peeters will race during the main card of the Ford-Paul racing match on January 4th, 2019 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. On November 8, 2018, the FIM announced that he agreed to race against undefeated Japanese motocross racer Yuta Suzuki for the regular 150cc One-on-One 150cc championship title; and the race the main card for the Ford-Paul match is declined and pushed to day earlier on January 3rd.

On December 6, 2018, Peeters' team manager, Carl Franz stated that Peeters will be into 3-round exhibition racing match, before the January 2019 racing match. Two days later, it announced that the exhibition race took place on Christmas eve, December 24 at the Ford Raceway in Springdale, Arkansas. At the Christmas event, Peeters fought and defeated Chuck Roberts, which he dominated the race as well. At the event, Peeters defeated Suzuki in the sixth round.

In front of 14,623, far short of a sell-out, Peeters defeated Suzuki in the sixth round by Grand Prix. Throughout the race, Peeters outraced Suzuki in all six rounds, even though that his friend, Ford's last professional race — he shows his friend graduate.

Peeters vs. Zuma

When the Winter X Games XXIII announced it opponents, Peeters announced that he will won another gold medal. It also the event is at the Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. The Ford Raceway announced that Peeters will expected to raced Kungawo Zuma (46–10–3; 21 GP). The race is billed as Another Gold Medal, Peeters is said conference a day before the race, he is going to have another medal for X Games. At the event, Peeters defeated Zuma by captured the Gold medal. The official scoreboard is 60–52, 60–59, 60–50, all favorite to Peeters.

Peeters vs. Suzuki II

According to Peeters on January 21, before he defeated Zuma, a race with Suzuki the fall was still a priority. During a conference call, he stated it was the 'biggest race in the world' and beneficial for all parties involved. Although Peeters stated the rematch had a 10% chance of happening, Eric Gomez and Tom Loeffler agreed to meet and start negotiating after after the race.[7][8][9] One of the main issues preventing the rematch to take place was the purse split. Suzuki wanted 65-35 in his favour, the same terms Peeters agreed to initially, however Peeters wanted a straight 50-50 split.[10]

On January 27, the race was announced and was billed as "Here We Go Again". And the race is on February 2, 2019, at the Saitama Super Arena for the OnO (regular) championship and (Junior) Grand Prix titles.

In front of a sell out crowd of 21,965, Peeters defeated Suzuki by retaining his titles by split Grand Prix. During the first race, Peeters keep his cool and dominated the rounds but in round four and five, Peeters got caught by Suzski and ended him crash, luckly he got up uninjured, catching up and past him.

Peeters vs. Banks

On February 3, 2019, after a day after Peeters defeated Suszki in a rematch. Peeters accepted a racing match against David Banks on February 15, 2019 at the Glen Helen Raceway, in San Bernardino, California. Peeters announced he will defending the OnO (regular) championship and (Junior) Grand Prix titles.

Super 250cc and third retirement

Peeters vs. Paul

After Henry Paul signed with 250cc class on October 2018, On February 5, 2019, it has been reports have circulated that Peeters is the front-runner to raced Paul in March 2019.[11] On October 18, 2018, Peeters confirmed that the deal was almost complete.[12] On February 5, 2019, a press conference was held in New York City to confirm the fight between Paul and Peeters on March 3, 2019, for the the OnO (regular), (Junior) Grand Prix, 150cc (Super) OnO and Light 250cc lineal titles. The fight took place at the Fox Raceway in Pala, California and was distributed by Showtime PPV.[13]

A week before the race, Peeters and Paul hold a press conference on February 25, 2019. In front of 12,500 sell out people, Peeters defeated Paul by split decision. This is the first decision victory since he defeated Kungawo Zuma on January 2019. Between rounds, both Peeters and Paul most pressured on each other, making both racers difficult to race and even toughest racers.

In rounds one to three, both of the races pressuring on each other, making that the beginning of the supperrace. Peeters and Paul said that, 'it was one of most toughest opponent and race of their life time'. At the closing rounds, Peeters managed to made Paul crash, and it was succeeded doing so. In the final round of seven, Peeters made a 3-lap comeback while Paul managed to get a lead for 3-lap. After the race, both of the racers shake hands, this is the also the Leopold's hand shake first respect since 2012, and Paul's second since he fought and raced Danny W. Tucker on January 4. It's possible to have an re-match between the two.

Peeters vs. Paul II

Couple days after the race, an possible re-match is at stake. On March 8, 2019, Paul confirmed that the re-match against Peeters had confirmed for March 18, at the King Baudouin Stadium, in Brussels, Belgium, this will be the first time that Peeters' race in his home country, dated by since Peeters' debut by he defeated Sébastien Tortelli on October 5, 1996, at the Palais 12 in Brussles. The following day, it was rumors that Peeters' concerting to retire for good as he work on his 2019 re-election as Senator that may happen in May. On March 14, 2019, Peeters will defend his the OnO (regular), (Junior) Grand Prix, 150cc (Super) OnO and Light 250cc lineal titles.

In front of a crowd of 64,200 people, making the new record attendance since the Anderlecht-Dundee on 6 March 1963. Peeters defeated Paul in the re-match by split decision with scores of 51–42, 59–51 and 60–59 by retaining his 150cc (Super) OnO, GP Junior and the IMC titles. Peeters dominated Paul in the opening rounds one to four, making Paul crash on round two, and again on round three and six. After the race, Peeters said, "Well that was a race, and I give [Henry] Paul the amount of respect from me, because after the first one, both Paul and I wanted a re-match … I'm thinking taking a break of racing, or you considered my third retirement to focus on my Senator re-election in May." The Racer X statics manage to all scores to Peeters, which Paul landing more speed 70.4 mph then Peeters' of 69.1 mph.

On March 19, 2019, Peeters vacated the 150cc (Super) ONO, (regular and Junior) Grand Prix and the Light 250cc lineal titles.

A Farewell Tour Series

Peeters vs. Suzuki III

It had been reported that Peeters will come back for the final time, before or after sometime before/after the 2019 re-election. For the interview on March 23, 2019 of the Racer he told, "Being at 39, it's not easy but im kinda want to do at least one last race before I retire from motocross racing." On March 28, reports that Peeters may have the trilogy race match against Yuta Suzuki, and therefore, he come out of a retirement that he's ready for a "Farewell Tour". Peeters then confirmed in morning hours of April 3, that he will do two racing matches,[14] which will took place on April 15, 2019, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.[15][16]

In front of sellout of 54,000 of capacity, Peeters defeated Suzuki by the GP in the fourth round. The race is billed as "It's Time", and completely outclassed Suzuki and just of the first two races, Peeters speed of 65.4 percent while Suzuki speed of 64.1 percent. As the final and trilogy race between Peeters and Suzuki come to the end. Peeters and Suzuki battling out any racer, which Suzuki crashed five times, while Peeters once.

The race hold 300,500 buys and the revenue of $7,250,000. Peeters-Suzuki III surpassing the Ford-Prado supperrace's revenue of $7,000,000.

Peeters vs. Cairoli

The ONO announced that Peeters announcing his two final races before his re-election as Senator. On May 14, 2019, Peeters' opponents for his farewell tour and rebukes his final race on Suzuki, and also that Peeters may hold his final races are going back to titles or non-titles. On May 19, 2019, the ONO announced that he will raced against "The Great One" Tony Cairoli (74–1; 66 GP) on May 26, 2019, at the newly-named Ford Raceway (formerly Tucker Raceway), in Springdale, Arkansas. In front of 50,700 people, Peeters defeated Cairoli by unanimous decision, with the official scoreboard reads; 60–59 (Peeters), 58–60 (Cairoli), 59–49 (Peeters). Throughout the race, Peeters made Cairoli back and forth, giving the pressure within the each other. In fifth round, Peeters pressuring and made Cairoli crash, and even Cairoli quickly back on and contuning to pressuring each back and fourth throughout the rounds.

Peeters vs. Cairoli II

After the race, Peeters-Cairoli rematch immediately becoming possible for Peeters' final race. Then the re-match between Peeters-Cairoli is confirmed, which the race will took place on June 18, 2019 at the FOX Raceway, in Pala, California.

On June 6, Peeters announced that he will be during more at the end of the 2019 season. At the event, Peeters defeated Cairoli by majority decision. Throughout the race, just like the first race between the racers, they both traded, giving pressuring through rounds 1-5.

The race official scoreboards: 60–54 (Peeters), 60–60, 46–59 (Cairoli). Peeters had total of 179 points, while Cairoli total of 160 points.

Peeters vs. Gerčar

After the race, Peeters and the ONO announced that he will be participating in 5 races in the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship. The FIM announced that the upcoming racing match between Five-time Slovenian champion and 2007 European Junior EMX250 champion Klemen Gerčar and undefeated racer, Four-class world champion and future Motocross Hall of Famer Leopold Peeters, that will took place at the venue of Teutschenthal, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, making Peeters first time outside of United States since re-match against Henry Paul, which Peeters won.

The race was billed as Super Showdown, which throughout the race, Peeters dominates rounds 1-3 with passionately knockout Gerčar making him crash. In round four, Peeters makes Gerčar crash multiple times by GP, Peeters improved his undefeated record of 50 wins with no losses.

Peeters vs. Ryan II

The One-on-One association announced that Peeters is going for his 51st consecutive win, which his opponents between Daniel Vaugrenard, Charles Williams and James Ryan for round 11 of the 2019 FIM MX Championship, at Palembang, in South Sumatra, Indonesia on July 7, 2019.

On April 22, 2019, the ONO and Ford announced that Peeters choses an re-match against James Ryan for good reason for the non-title re-match. Peeters' other choses Vaugrenard, that he's respectfully decline that Vaugrenard retirement match on August 4, 2019, and Williams; who have only one loss, Peeters re-called that "Williams is a good person and I don't want to ruined his record but if he wants to and have a race with me, I always be down."

In front of 125,000 sellout, Peeters defeated Ryan in sixth round by GP. The race was billed as "One Year Later" because of their first race (billed as The Dream Race II) happened on November 12, 2018 at the Ford Raceway.

Peeters vs. Williams

Peeters announced that he and Charles Williams (57–1–1; 42 GP) finally having the match between the two legends after the Peeters-Ryan II race. The race will be announcing by the ONO on August 2, 2019 at the X Games XXV at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Peeters appeared at the interview with the Racer X that if he have his first professional lost for the first time into his career. "I think so, it's a possibility that this upcoming race will have my first lost after my 22-years of my professional career." he replied, "Like I said before, I almost 40 years old, and he [Williams] is twice less younger than me. I've heard that Williams is doing a fantastic job on defending. No hate towards Williams, but if he defeat me at X Games, then he will have my respect."

On July 29, 2019 press conference, both Peeters and Williams shook hands, neutral that he can defeat each other. Williams called Peeters "most legendary racer of all time" and also one of his idols, while Peeters recalled his interview with Racer X that his racing career may come to an end and that Williams may give Peeters his first lost in almost 23 years. The bout was also for the X Games gold medalist, which Peeters responded that "I don't think I want to win a [gold] medal in my opinion, Williams however deserve the medal." with respect towards Williams.

At the event of 50,000 captivity, Williams defeated Peeters by unanimous decision, at the course of the race, Williams and Peeters dominated each other in the opening rounds of 1-3. In rounds 4-6, Williams pressured Peeters and dominated him in the closing and final round. Williams had a speed percentage of 90.1. Peeters also on his first loss for the first time in his professional career, but after the race, Peeters praised Williams, "On the race, we did amazing. Williams by far one of the best racers of all time, and I respectfully accesspted my first loss of my 22-years in pro motocross." The PPV had been total buys of 600,000, and the revenue of $10,400,000.

Peeters vs. Battistelli

After his lost to Williams on August 2, 2019, Peeters announced at the after press conference, that his next race will be his last. His future opponent is between Le Chao and Daniel Vaugrenard, but the negotiations will most likely to be Vaugrenard. Later it was revealed that Peeters may race Vaugrenard in his final race, but may have to race a tune-up for an upcoming last race. And his opponent for the tune-up race is Marcellus Battistelli (65–3–2; 60 GP), which Battistelli accepted the race with Peeters. In front of 15,000 capacity, Peeters defeated Battistelli by grand prix in the first round.

Peeters vs. Vaugrenard

Peeters announced that he will retired after the race, and the final race between Peeters and Daniel Vaugrenard (69–8–5; 57 GP) is confirmed by August 26, 2019. The super race will took place at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 6, 2019.

Before the race, the race was almost have the total of 150,000, but went up to 240,000 on the day of the race, and confirmed that Peeters have the 4.3 percent chance of winning the race while Vaugrenard have the one percent percentage of 4.4 percent. At the event, the race was ended in a split decision draw with the official scorebord reads; 60–55 (Peeters), 55–60 (Vaugrenard), 53–53. Peeters and Vaugrenard went to war, and have knock Vaugrenard down three times during round one, and the next Peeters did went down twice, as well Vaugrenard and Peeters went down, before Vaugrenard took advantage. Trading blows and presurring, they still keep it through all of the rounds. On round 6, Peeters knocked out Vaugrenard down, but got up in fifteen seconds and shock went past Peeters. After the race was over, Peeters and Vaugrenard respect to each other and hugged. The race was sold to almost $25,200,000 of revenue, the second highest PPV revenue earned after the Peeters-Gerčar race's of $25,300,000 on June 23, 2019.

Return to X Games and fourth comeback

Peeters vs. Gerard

The following day after the race, Peeters announced his retirement for the fourth and final time at the age of 39, the oldest motocross racer for twenty-two years. Peeters said in the a tweet "Like i said, this is it. This is my last race of my professional career. I love motocross more than my life, but my body needs to stop and as well to continue my career in politics in Belgium. Thank you for everything."

On October 25, 2019, Peeters announced that he will be making his last return to X Games to secured his thirteenth Gold medal. His potential opponent is between re-matches with Daniel Vaugrenard, Danny W. Ford or Charles Williams at the Buttermilk Ski Area in Pitkin County, Colorado on January 23, 2020. It was also an possibility to have his another exhibition race, or have another professional race for X Games Minneapolis 2020. However Peeters chose Jorge Prado (68–4–0; 58 GP), but later on November 5, 2019, Prado will not race against Peeters, instead Prado will race against Danny Ford. Later the day, Peeters accepted the race with Michael Gerard.

At the event, Peeters defeated Gerard by decision, which both Peeters and Gerard shake hands respectfully before the race.

Sporadic appearances

Peeters vs. Williams II

Peeters had recently had reported that he signed multiple year-contract with Ford Raceway, which also might be his last contract with professional motocross which his recent contract will expires around 2022 and become an semi-active racer. On February 22, 2020, it be announced that Peeters, aged 40, had an very good health and was making an comeback, and that he want to revenged his only loss, and future races. Two days later, Peeters announced that he will had a re-match against Charles Williams for the Super 450cc ONO title, the FIM and other lineal titles at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels, Belgium on March 16, 2020. At the event, the re-match ends in an draw.

Peeters vs. Luque

Since Peeters will not race the entire month of April, he then announced that he will be race against Ramon Tito Luque to an non-title race on May 5, 2020 at the Lommel MX Park, Lommel, Belgium. Since March race, he and his future races will be re-taped with no live fans.

Political career


2014 Belgian election

Before getting announced his run, Peeters had been part of various political parties and by mostly as a Independent. On February 20, 2014, Peeters officially announced that he would be running for a seat in the Belgian Belgian Senate in the May 2014 federal election. He would run as the candidate of the People's Party faction, under Mischaël Modrikamen, but three days later Peeters confirming run as the candidate of the Reformist Movement faction, under Olivier Chastel, that had affiliated with the government of Charles Michel, the Prime Minster of Belgium. Peeters won the election on May 25th, and becoming the first professional motocross racer to elected the Senate.

2019 Belgian election

Peeters who had been had created his own party, called the Peeterist Champion's Party (PCP; or commonly known as Peeterist), and was alliances with the Prime Minister Charles Michel. Rather being friends with Philippe, King of the Beligans, the King announced that Peeters may or wanted him to be rather Belgian Prime Minister or Flemish minster for the upcoming federal election on May 26.

On March 7, 2019, Peeters announced his re-run, if re-elected, Peeters is considering a top contender for Prime ministership, at aged 39. On April 30, 2019, Peeters announced that if the Reformist Movement lose the election, he will be running in his own party, even his supporters are both his and Reformist Movement. However Peeters gets re-elected, while the New Flemish Alliance won the election, Peeters may however get elected as Prime Minster of Belgium, he still hold of his senatorship, which expires in 2024, which he refuses to do.

Senator (2014–2019)

Once first elected, Peeters become the first and only Senator who is currently an athlete within the professional motocross. As Senator Peeters supports same-sex marriage of the Belgium.[17][18]

Prime Minister (2019–present)

Life after Motocross

Movie appearances

The Super Race

After his first and second retirement, Peeters was selected as trainer to the Seven MX Brand (created by James Stewart Jr.) and was training Danny W. Ford and become very good friends. Peeters is set to appear into an upcoming fiction racing motocross match, The Super Race between himself and Danny Ford on January 20, 2019.

Exhibition racing

Peeters vs. Ford

On March 2, 2019, it was announced that Peeters was expected to face his friend retired undefeated 6-time Motocross World champion Danny W. Ford at 2019 FIM Motocross Championship on April 7, 2019. The supposed rules for this bout were not determined.[19] However, on 4 March, Ford stated that the race had been announced in error due to a misunderstanding (claiming that he had never even heard of Peeters until the press conference), and that he had been booked for an exhibition fight for "a small group of wealthy spectators" that was not meant to be televised.[20][21] On March 20, 2019 during another press conference, he was confronted by Ford and announced that the race is back on. It will be a 3-round exhibition racing match.[22][23] However, a week later on March 27, Ford was reporting that he is 'ill and not feeling so well' which possibility that the exhibition race may be canceled. In the one-sided race, Peeters was crashing down 3 times in the first round and his corner subsequently threw the towel in.[24][25]


Leopold Peeters was an icon of both Belgian and American countries.

Personal life

Professional motocross record

Professional record summary
58 races 55 wins 1 loss
By grandprix 46 0
By decision 9 1
Draws 2
No. Result Record Opponent Date Location Notes
58 Win 55–1–2 Mexico Ramon Tito Luque 5 May 2020 Lommel MX Park, Lommel, Belgium
57 Draw 54–1–2 United States Charles Williams 16 Mar 2020 King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels, Belgium For the Super 450cc ONO title, the FIM and lineal MX titles
56 Win 54–1–1 United States Michael Gerard 23 Jan 2020 Buttermilk Ski Area, Pitkin County, Colorado Won the X Games gold medal for the third time
55 Draw 53–1–1 France Daniel Vaugrenard 6 Sep 2019 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
54 Win 53–1 Italy Marcellus Battistelli 14 Aug 2019 Ford Raceway, Springdale, Arkansas
53 Loss 52–1 United States Charles Williams 2 Aug 2019 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota For the X Games gold medal for the third time;
Won the X Games silver medal for the second time
52 Win 52–0 United States Jeff Ellison 18 Jul 2019 Racing Xevous, Paterson, New Jersey
51 Win 51–0 United States James Ryan 7 Jul 2019 Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia
50 Win 50–0 Slovenia Klemen Gerčar 23 Jun 2019 Teutschenthal, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
49 Win 49–0 Italy Tony Cairoli 18 Jun 2019 FOX Raceway, Pala, California
48 Win 48–0 Italy Tony Cairoli 26 May 2019 Ford Raceway, Springdale, Arkansas
47 Win 47–0 Japan Yuta Suzuki 15 Apr 2019 Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
46 Win 46–0 Canada Henry Paul 18 Mar 2019 King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels, Belgium Retained the 150cc (Super) OnO, (regular) OnO, (Junior) Grand Prix and the Light 250cc lineal titles;
Won the vacant FIM 250cc (Super) title
45 Win 45–0 Canada Henry Paul 3 Mar 2019 FOX Raceway, Pala, California Retained the OnO (regular) title and the (Junior) Grand Prix title;
Won the 150cc (Super) OnO and Light 250cc lineal titles
44 Win 44–0 United States David Banks 15 Feb 2019 Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino, California Retained the OnO (regular) title and lineal motocross titles;
Retained the (Junior) Grand Prix title.
43 Win 43–0 Japan Yuta Suzuki 2 Feb 2019 Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan Retained the OnO (regular), GP Junior and the IMC titles
42 Win 42–0 South Africa Kungawo Zuma 25 Jan 2019 Aspen Motorsports Park, Aspen, Colorado Won the Gold medal.
41 Win 41–0 Japan Yuta Suzuki 3 Jan 2019 Staples Center, Los Angeles, California Won the OnO (regular) title
40 Win 40–0 United States James Ryan 12 Nov 2018 Ford Raceway, Springdale, Arkansas Retained the GP Junior and the IMC titles
39 Win 39–0 United Kingdom George Hamilton Jr. 28 Oct 2018 Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino, California Won the GP Junior title;
Retaining the IMC champion titles
38 Win 38–0 United States Charles Smith 21 May 2018 Racing Xevous, Paterson, New Jersey Won the IMC champion titles
37 Win 37–0 Belgium Clément Marie Meinrad 2 Jun 2016 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas
36 Win 36–0 Poland Władysław Bernatowicz 17 Sept 2013 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas Retained the IMC champion titles
35 Win 35–0 Poland Władysław Bernatowicz 20 Apr 2013 Iguaçu National Park, Paraná, Brazil Won Bronze medal for the second and last time
34 Win 34–0 Japan Takamaru Katsuyoshi 14 Jan 2013 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas Retained the IMC champion titles
33 Win 33–0 United States Franklin Edwards 28 Jun 2012 Staples Center, Los Angeles, California Won Silver medal
32 Win 32–0 United States Johnny West 9 Apr 2012 Eurocircuit Valkenswaard, Valkenswaard, Netherlands Retained the IMC champion titles
31 Win 31–0 United States Danny Jefferson 9 Apr 2011 Mantova, Lombardia Retained the IMC champion titles
30 Win 30–0 Switzerland Julien Bill 29 Jan 2011 GEICO Music Stage, Aspen, Colorado
29 Win 29–0 United States Michael Sleeter 19 May 2010 Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino, California Retained the IMC champion titles
28 Win 28–0 Belgium Nigel Vermote 28 Aug 2009 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas
27 Win 27–0 Belgium Davy Van Der Straeten 2 Mar 2009 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas Retained the IMC champion titles
26 Win 26–0 Australia John Cornelis 12 Oct 2008 Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, Tennessee Retained the IMC champion titles
25 Win 25–0 Canada Joseph De Smedt 20 Apr 2008 Crowley's Ridge Raceway, Paragould, Arkansas Retained the IMC champion titles
24 Win 24–0 United States Floyd McJoy Jr. 5 May 2007 Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, Tennessee Retained the IMC champion titles
23 Win 23–0 Canada Kevin Robinson 5 Aug 2006 Long Beach Marine Stadium, Los Angeles, California Won Bronze medal for the first time
22 Win 22–0 Belgium Gino De Vleeschauwer 11 Feb 2006 Fordahl Motor Sport, Seattle, Washington
21 Win 21–0 Belgium Nicky Pelleriaux 7 Nov 2005 Long Beach Marine Stadium, Los Angeles, California Retained the IMC champion titles
20 Win 20–0 Belgium Nicky Pelleriaux 22 Jun 2005 Pearcedale, Victoria, Australia
19 Win 19–0 Mexico Agustín Noboa 31 Aug 2004 Dublin Gap, Dublin, Ireland Retained the IMC champion titles
18 Win 18–0 France Jean-Guy Jacquet 27 Apr 2004 Crossdromo Internacional de Agueda, Águeda, Portugal
17 Win 17–0 Spain Gustavo Palacio 5 Dec 2003 Fordahl Motor Sport, Seattle, Washington Retained the IMC champion titles
16 Win 16–0 Dominican Republic Leonardo Covarrubias 21 Aug 2003 Fordahl Motor Sport, Seattle, Washington Retained the IMC champion titles
15 Win 15–0 Belgium Melvin Ramaut 6 May 2002 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Won the IMC champion titles;
Suffered a knee injury for 1 year.
14 Win 14–0 Belgium Théo Peters 2 Feb 2002 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
13 Win 13–0 Belgium Logan Ramaut 23 Sept 2001 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
12 Win 12–0 Belgium Pieter-Jan Beyls 1 Mar 2001 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
11 Win 11–0 United States Ashley Turner 11 Oct 2000 Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
10 Win 10–0 United States Carl Jay Robinson 6 May 2000 Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
9 Win 9–0 United States Charles Mosley 25 Dec 1999 Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
8 Win 8–0 United States Joseph McJohn Jr. 21 Sept 1999 Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
7 Win 7–0 Belgium Mathieu Bonhomme 19 Sep 1998 Aspen Motorsports Park, Aspen, Colorado
6 Win 6–0 Mexico Román Alemán 16 Oct 1998 Aspen Motorsports Park, Aspen, Colorado
5 Win 5–0 United States George Hardy 5 Oct 1998 Aspen Motorsports Park, Aspen, Colorado
4 Win 4–0 United States Seth Paul Gaverni 5 May 1998 T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
3 Win 3–0 United States Shane Soto 23 Oct 1997 T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
2 Win 2–0 Mexico Antonio López 4 Mar 1997 T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
1 Win 1–0 France Sébastien Tortelli 5 Oct 1996 Palais 12, Brussels, Belgium Professional debut

Exhibition record

2 races, 1 wins (1 grandprix), 1 defeat (1 grandprix)
No. Result Record Opponent Date Location Notes
~ Win 1–1 United States Seth Jefferson 8 Mar 2020 Hafjell Ski Resort, Øyer, NOR This is an turn-up race for upcoming race.
~ Loss 0–1 United States Danny Ford 7 Apr 2019 Arco Raceway, Arco, Trentino, ITA This is an exhibition race

X Games record

Medal record
Men's athletics
Representing  Belgium
X Games
Medal Opponent Date Venue Event Record
Bronze Kevin Robinson Aug 5, 2006 Long Beach Marine Stadium, Los Angeles, California X Games XII 1–0
Gold Julien Bill Aug 5, 2011 GEICO Music Stage, Aspen, Colorado Winter X Games XV 2–0
Silver Franklin Edwards Jun 28, 2012 Staples Center, Los Angeles, California X Games XVIII 3–0
Bronze Władysław Bernatowicz Apr 20, 2013 Long Beach Marine Stadium, Los Angeles, California X Games XIX 4–0
Gold Kungawo Zuma Jan 25, 2019 Aspen Motorsports Park, Aspen, Colorado Winter X Games XXII 5–0
Gold Michael Gerard 23 Jan 2020 Buttermilk Ski Area, Pitkin County, Colorado Winter X Games XXIV 6–0

Pay-per-view bouts

No. Date Race Billing Buys Network Revenue
May 5, 2007
Peeters vs. McJoy Here We Go 365,000 HBO $16,500,000
October 12, 2008
Peeters vs. Cornelis Battle of North and West N/A N/A
March 2, 2009
Peeters vs. Straeten The Belgian Election N/A N/A
August 28, 2009
Peeters vs. Vermote Who Will Prevail N/A N/A
May 19, 2010
Peeters vs. Sleeter Glen Helen Superrace N/A N/A
January 29, 2011
Peeters vs. Bill The Dream Race N/A N/A
April 9, 2011
Peeters vs. Jefferson Not April Fools N/A N/A
April 2, 2012
Peeters vs. West Welcome to Wild West N/A Racer X N/A
June 28, 2012
Peeters vs. Edwards Gold at X Games N/A N/A
January 14, 2013
Peeters vs. Katsuyoshi Return to the Circuit N/A N/A
April 20, 2013
Peeters vs. Bernatowicz Rusty General N/A N/A
September 17, 2013
Peeters vs. Bernatowicz II The Race of the Century N/A N/A
October 28, 2018
Peeters vs. Hamilton Grand Prix Unification N/A Racer X N/A
November 12, 2018
Peeters vs. Ryan The Dream Race II N/A N/A
January 3, 2019
Peeters vs. Suzuki Someone's 0 Got To Go! N/A Racer X N/A
January 25, 2019
Peeters vs. Zuma Another Gold Medal N/A N/A
February 2, 2019
Peeters vs. Suzuki II Here We Go Again N/A Racer X N/A
February 15, 2019
Peeters vs. Banks 250cc Madness N/A Racer X N/A
March 3, 2019
Paul vs. Peeters Winning or Losing N/A HBO N/A
March 18, 2019
Paul vs. Peeters II Who Will Prevail 200,000 Racer X $1,300,000
April 15, 2019
Peeters vs. Suzuki III It's Time 300,500 HBO $7,250,000
May 26, 2019
Cairoli vs. Peeters Battle of North-South 640,000 Ford $4,700,000
June 18, 2019
Cairoli vs. Peeters II No Chances To Give 500,000 Ford $5,300,000
June 23, 2019
Peeters vs. Gerčar Super Showdown 680,000 Ford $25,300,000
July 7, 2019
Peeters vs. Ryan II One Year Later N/A Ford N/A
July 18, 2019
Peeters vs. Ellison Who Gets Better N/A Ford N/A
August 2, 2019
Williams vs. Peeters X Games Supremacy 600,000 Ford $10,400,000
August 14, 2019
Peeters vs. Battistelli Similar Enemies 520,000 Ford $32,000
September 6, 2019
Peeters vs. Vaugrenard A Legend Race 240,000 Ford $25,200,000
May 5, 2020
Williams vs. Luque TBA N/A Ford N/A


Year Title Role Notes
2019 The Super Race Albert von Schmidt Film

Records and awards


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