Script errorTemplate:BLP sources This is a list of the youngest mayors in the United States. This list is inclusive of individuals nearest to the age of majority at the time of their election; usually under the age of 30.

Youngest mayors

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Name Locale State Birth date Age at appointment Population
(2010 Census)
Term Notes
Billy Barlow Oswego NY 1989 26 18,141 2016–present Elected as a Republican mayor of the City of Oswego, served previously as a city councilor.[1]
Matthew Bogusz Des Plaines IL 1986 26 58,364 2013–present Elected as an alderman at age 22 and mayor at age 26 [2]
Stephen C. Brinlee Wilburton Oklahoma 1985 22 2,843 2007–present
Aja Brown Compton CA 1982 31 96,455 2013–present
Chris Martin Logansport IN 1991 28 18,396 2019-present Youngest Mayor in the History of Logansport, winning by 51.4%[3]
Chris Clark Mountain View CA 1983 30 74,066 2014–present Took office on January 7, 2014, as the youngest mayor in Mountain View history.[4][5]
Daniel Corona West Wendover NV 1991 25 4,305 2016– Mayor Corona is the youngest mayor ever elected in Nevada. He is also the first openly gay mayor in Nevada's history.
C. Scott Davis Colonial Heights VA 1988 29 17,890 2009–2015
Matt Delligatti Fairmont WV 1986 22 18,704 2009–2010 On January 13, 2009, Delligatti became the youngest ever mayor of Fairmont by a five to three vote among council members. Fairmont is West Virginia's seventh largest city.[6]
William A. Egan Valdez AK 1914 32 3,977 1946
Enrique A. Fernandez Woodland CA 1989 28 55,468 2017–2018 On December 5, 2017, Fernandez became the youngest mayor in Woodland's history by a 4-0-1 vote among the city council members. Fernandez abstained from the vote.[7]
John Tyler Hammons Muskogee OK September 4, 1988 19 39,223 2008–2012 Hammons won 70 percent of the vote over the three-term former mayor, and was a freshman at the University of Oklahoma when elected.[8][9]
Scott Faughn Poplar Bluff MO 1980 22 17,023 2002–2004 In 2005, Faughn was found guilty of forgery charges related to a highway project he promoted as mayor.[10]
Kelvin Green Archer City TX 1995 18 1,834 2014–present Green ran unopposed at the age of 18 while in high school. He was re-elected in 2017.[11]
Alexis Hermosillo El Mirage AZ 1990 28 31,797 2018–present Lana Mook, the incumbent opponent during the 2018 election, is 43 years older.[12]
James R. Kern III Pohatcong NJ 1988 22 3,339 2011–2018 22 years old when he was inaugurated on July 1, 2011, youngest municipal executive in New Jersey.[13][14]
Dennis Kucinich Cleveland OH 1946 31 396,815
(2010 Census)
(1970 Census)
1977–1979 "The boy mayor of Cleveland" [15]
Thomas Ashby Laine Alviso CA 1937 24 2,128 1961–1964 The youngest mayor ever in Alivso and the youngest mayor of an incorporated city in California.
Willie Logan Opa-locka FL 1957 23 15,219 1980–1982
Marco Lopez Nogales AZ 1978 22 20,837 2000–2003 Immigrated to the United States in 1994.[16]
Seth Low Brooklyn NY 1850 31 2,504,700
(2010 Census)
(1880 Census)
1881–1885 After he was mayor of Brooklyn, Low became the only person to be president of Columbia University and Mayor of New York City.[17]
Byron Mallott Yakutat AK 1943 22 662 1965–1966 Elected Lieutenant Governor of Alaska in 2014 at age 71 making him the oldest person elected to that office.
Andy Manar Bunker Hill IL November 15, 1975 25 1,801 2001–2003 Manar was first elected to the Bunker Hill City Council at age 21.[18]
Art Martinez de Vara Von Ormy TX April 29, 1975 32 1,085 2008–2015 While a volunteer fire fighter and law student at St. Mary's University School of Law Art Martinez de Vara led the effort to incorporate his community when he was 28 years old. He was subsequently elected the town's first mayor.[19]
Steve McAlpine Valdez AK 1949 31 3,977 1980–1982
Marcus Molinaro Tivoli NY 1975 19 1,118 1995–2007 [20][21]
Alex B. Morse Holyoke MA 1989 22 39,880 2012–present The youngest mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts.[22] Youngest openly gay mayor to elected.[23]
Svante Myrick Ithaca NY 1987 24 30,014 2012–present The youngest mayor of Ithaca, New York.[24] The first mayor of African-American heritage for the city.[25][26] Popularly elected in citywide general election, defeating three other candidates, winning 18 of 18 voting districts, and earning 54.9% of the total vote.[27]
Victoria Napolitano Moorestown NJ August 16, 1988 26 20,726 2015–2016 First won election to Moorestown Town Council in 2012 at the age of 24. The youngest mayor of Moorestown, New Jersey, and presumed to be the youngest woman to ever take the oath of office as mayor in New Jersey history.[28][29]
Justin Nickels Manitowoc WI 1987 22 33,736 2009–present Elected mayor of Manitowoc on April 7, 2009. Took office April 21, 2009.[30]
Freddie Odom Bluffton GA 1982 30 103 2012–present First autistic mayor in the United States.
Guy Padgett Casper WY 1977 27 55,316 2005–2006
Samantha Paradis Belfast ME 1990 26 6,647 2017–Present First queer and second woman mayor.[31] Popularly elected in a citywide vote. She ran against a four term incumbent and received 54.7% of the vote.[32]
Sarah Palin Wasilla AK 1964 32 7,831 1996–2002
Brandon Presley Nettleton MS July 21, 1977 21 1,932 2001–2007 He is currently a member of the Mississippi Public Service Commission.[33]
Romaine Quinn Rice Lake WI July 30, 1990 19 8,438 2010–2012 [34]
Luke Ravenstahl Pittsburgh PA February 6, 1980 27 305,704 2006–2014 The youngest mayor of a major American city.[35] He was 26 when as City Council President, he assumed the vacant mayoral office upon the death of Bob O'Connor, his predecessor, before being elected to the position to serve out O'Connor's term the following year.
Josh Roberts West Union SC September 2, 1980 24 315 2004–2006 The youngest mayor ever in South Carolina.
Michael Sessions Hillsdale MI September 22, 1987 18 8,305 [36]
Nick Shelton Niles MI 1986 30 11,599 2016–present Elected mayor on November 8, 2016, with approximately 75% of the vote. Shelton is the youngest mayor in the history of Niles, Michigan.[37]
Erin Stewart New Britain CT May 4, 1987 26 73,206 2013– Present First female mayor to get re-elected.
Tye Thomas Gun Barrel City TX 1979 21 5,672 2000–2001 The youngest mayor in both Gun Barrel City and Texas histories.
Bennie Thompson Bolton MS 1948 25 567 1973–1979
Alex Torpey South Orange NJ August 10, 1987 23 16,198 2011–2015 Youngest in the village's history. Won by 13 votes.
JR Trevino Castle Hills TX 1986 32 4,460 2019–present First elected to office as an Alderman in 2016 at the age of 29. Went on to win to become at the youngest and first Hispanic Mayor at 32.
Michael Tubbs Stockton CA 1990 26 315,592 2017–present He went on to win the election, receiving 70.6% of the vote and becoming both the city's first black mayor and at 26 the youngest person to ever hold that office.[38]
Ryan Toussaint Solvang CA 1987 31 5,245 2018–present Elected councilman at age of 29 in 2016 then ran for mayor and received 61.47% of the vote and became both the city's second directly elected mayor after 10 years of the prior incumbent and at the age of 31.
C. L. 'Skip' Wagner Manchester Oh 1985 32 2012 2018–present
Bill Walker Valdez AK 1951 27 3,977 1979–1980 Youngest mayor of Valdez.[39]
Nick Wasicsko Yonkers NY May 13, 1959 28 195,976 1988–1990 Defeated 6-term incumbent Angelo R. Martinelli
Jason West New Paltz NY 1977 26 6,818 2003–2007; 2011–2015 West made headlines by solemnizing same-sex marriages in New York.[40]
Charles Williams Fort Smith Arkansas April 17, 1989 30 86,204 2019–present He is the first Professional Motocross racer and MMA fighter to get elected policial office. Elected as a Independent mayor of the Fort Smith.
William Dakota "Kota" Young Princeton KY 1994 24 6,108 2018–Present Princeton, Kentucky's youngest mayor to ever be elected.
Don Young Fort Yukon AK 1933 31 583 1964–1968
Matthew Godfrey Ogden UT 1970 29 83,048 1999–2011 Youngest mayor of Ogden.[41]
Jasiel Correia Fall River MA 1991 23 87,103 2016–present Youngest mayor of Fall River. Correia was arrested and charged with wire fraud amounting to $231,000, and filling false tax returns.[42] He has denied the charges and refused to resign.[43]

Honorary mayors

Some small communities without local governments will anoint an honorary mayor that hold no official duties. The unincorporated community of Dorset, Minnesota "elected" 3-year-old Robert "Bobby" Tufts mayor. The honorary title is decided at the annual Taste of Dorset Festival in August where the winner's is chosen from drawing a name from a hat. Tufts was "re-elected" in 2013, but lost to 16-year-old Eric Mueller in 2014.[44][45][46][47]

Brian Zimmerman was elected mayor of Crabb, a small community of about 200 in Fort Bend County, Texas, in 1985 at the age of 11. As mayor, Zimmerman campaigned to have Crabb incorporated as a town, but was unsuccessful in this feat. His story was made into a movie called Lone Star Kid.[48][49][50][51]

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