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Maximilian III and IV
Kaiser Maximilian III - Peter Jacob Horemans.jpg
Maximilian III in 1737.
Holy Roman Emperor
King of Germany
King of Bohemia
Reign 21 October 1737 – 15 March 1742
Coronation 27 January 1738, Frankfurt
Predecessor Joseph I
Successor Charles VII
Archduke of Austria
Reign 5 August 1727 – 15 March 1740
Predecessor Joseph I
Successor Francis I
Born 28 October 1689(1689-10-28)
Hofburg Palace, Vienna
Died 15 March 1742 (aged 52)
Magdeburg, Holy Roman Empire
Spouse Krystyna Branicka
Issue Archduke Charles Wilhelm of Austria
Archduchess Maria Anna
House House of Habsburg
Father Charles III Philip, Elector Palatine
Mother Ludwika Karolina Radziwiłł
Religion Roman Catholicism

Maximilian III (28 October 1689 – 15 March 1742) was Holy Roman Emperor, King of Germany and King of Bohemia (as Maximilian III) from 1737 until his death and Archduke of Austria (as Maximilian IV) from 1727 to 1740.[1][2]

Maximilian's rule was shaped by the War of the Austrian Succession,[3] Charles Albert (later Emperor Charles VII) was going to overthrow Maxmilian, which failed miserably of the support of Archduke Francis Stephen and King George II. And the continuing of the Ottoman–Habsburg wars with his Habsburg Spain siblings.

According to Fichtner, Maximilian achieve his goals; unifying Christianity, rationalizing the government structure, allied with the Britain King, great and influential patron of Northern Mannerist art and evicting the Turks from Hungary.[4] Maximilian died on 15 March 1742, aged 48 in Magdeburg. He was buried in the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

Early life


Maximilian was born in Hofburg Palace, Vienna, the son of Charles III Philip, Elector Palatine, a cousin from the Habsburg from the House of Wittelsbach and Ludwika Karolina Radziwiłł.



Archduke of Austria



Internal reform

War of the Austrian Succession

King of Bohemia

Illness and death



Official style

Maximilian III, by the grace of God elected Holy Roman Emperor, forever August, King in Germany, of Bohemia, Croatia, Slavonia, etc. Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, Brabant, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, Luxemburg, Württemberg, the Upper and Lower Silesia, Prince of Swabia, Margrave of the Holy Roman Empire, Burgau, Moravia, the Upper and Lower Lusatia, Princely Count of Habsburg, Tyrol, Ferrette, Kyburg, Gorizia, Landgrave of Alsace, Lord of the Wendish March, Pordenone and Salins, etc. etc.



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Maximilian III, Holy Roman Emperor
Born: 28 October 1693 Died: 15 March 1742
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Joseph I
Holy Roman Emperor
King in Germany

Succeeded by
Charles VII
King of Bohemia
Archduke of Austria
Succeeded by
Archduke Francis Stephen

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