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Richard J. Kennedy (born Richard Jack Kennedy, February 5, 1990 in London, England) was British-born American Motocross rider who was other half of the Kennedy Brothers from 2006 to 2017, alongside his older brother Charles D. Kennedy.

He was born in London, England to Jacob Michaels (who was changed his lastname to "Kennedy") and American mother, Anne. Of course the brothers had different countries, they're had a nicely relationship.

Early life

Professional Motocross career

Early career (2006)

The Kennedy Brothers (2006–2017)

Solo (2017–present)

Personal life

Professional motocross record

Professional record summary
36 races 29 wins 4 losses
By grandprix 24 3
By decision 5 1
Draws 2
No contests 1
No. Result Record Opponent Date Location Notes
36 Win 29–4–2 (1) United States Johnny Michaels Jan 16, 2018 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
35 Win 28–4–2 (1) United States Danny W. Ford Sep 24, 2017 Racing Xevous, Paterson, New Jersey

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