Richard Madison
Richard Madison
Richard Madison in hes Military governor uniform.
Nickname(s) Frost
Died Yorktown, Virginia, U.S.
Allegiance United Kingdom
United States
Continental Army
United States Army
Years of service 1767-1781
Rank Lieutenant colonel
Battles/wars American Revolutionary War
*Siege of Boston
*Battle of Bunker Hill
*Battle of BenningtonSurrender
*Boston campaign
*New York and New Jersey campaign
*Philadelphia campaign
*Yorktown campaign
*Battle of CowpensWIA
*Siege of YorktownKIA.
Awards none

Richard Madison (February 27, 1755 (O.S. Feburary 12)  – October 19, 1781), was Lieutenant colonel on United States Army, son of Jimmy Madison. Madison nicknamed "frost" beacuse like hes nickname. Madison was 4th Military Governor of Massachusetts. Madison was brother to 4th President of U.S, James Madison. Madison was friends with General George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. Madison first is Battle of Bunker Hill, he's oldier brother "James Madison III", Madison tells George Washington to give James Madison III, Governor of Massachusetts.

Madison was part of Democratic-Republican, and joined Milita age of 18, Madison was Lieutenant colonel. Madison have over 8 million american men march, before the British was coming. Madison was friends with George III of the United Kingdom. Madison order hes men. Madison