Staff of the Everscamp
Staff of the Everscamp1
Base Damage:
3 DamageIcon
12.00 WeightIcon
Base Value:
0 GoldIcon
Summons four permanent Everscamps
Damage Speed 20 points on self
Class: Staff
FormID: MS43EverscampStaff

The Staff of the Everscamp is a cursed Daedric staff given to the Hero by Rosentia Gallenus as part of the Whom Gods Annoy quest. The staff is accompanied by four Everscamps, which are weaker, passive versions of normal scamps.

If an Everscamp is killed, a new one will appear shortly to take its place. The staff cannot be dropped or sold, and the player may only get rid of it by "giving it to one who is willing to take it" or returning it to the altar in Darkfathom Cave.


The Staff of Everscamp is a Daedric Artifact of Sheogorath. It is unknown exactly how Rosentia Gellenus came to be in possession of it, though she mentions purchasing it from an unnamed traveling merchant, which could have been Sheogorath.

"Everscamps" will continuously spawn around the staff bearer (up to four at a time), and follow. They will not attack other beings without provocation. They are much weaker than conventional scamps, and lack the fire attack. Each will respawn approximately ten seconds after death.

Despite being an Artifact of Sheogorath, the staff cannot be given to Martin Septim as a Daedric Artifact as part of the main questline.

Skill leveling

File:Staff of the Everscamp.png

Although the Everscamps spawn somewhat slowly for the purposes of attack training, and aren't much use as a personal army, they could be considered a quick and safe way to increase defensive skills. Even the entire group together can do little damage compared to many other foes, and when they respawn, they will no longer fight back unless they are attacked again.


While the Everscamps are normally passive, the Hero may compel them to fight on his/her behalf by using an area Command Creature spell. Due to their low level, the magnitude of the spell does not need to be very high. Also, their stats may be improved with any targeted or touch range buff spell.

They may also be used to feed Dawnfang/Duskfang.


Whom Gods Annoy

People in Leyawiin report strange noises and smells coming from Rosentia Gallenus' Rosentia Gallenus's House. She has accidentally acquired the Staff of the Everscamp, which produces a steady population of four scamps to follow the staff-bearer.


  • After arriving at the altar of the Darkfathom Cave shrine, the Hero will be informed that the staff may be dropped. In truth, it can then be placed wherever one like (even outside the cave), but if dropped on the ground, the Hero will be unable to pick it up again. It can, however, be retrieved if placed in a container. While out of the inventory, the Everscamps will stand in place until such time as the staff is retrieved from the container.
  • If they approach the shrine without the staff in his/her inventory (or after enchanting it), the Everscamps will thereafter only appear scattered around that location. Not until this time will Rosentia reward the player for getting rid of the staff.


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