Hello Historipedians,

The massage I've received two days ago from July 26th; that unnamed user that Historipedia had a factional pages, like "Stanislaus III Albert", "Augustus IV Joseph" to named a few that were based in real people "Leopold I of Belgium" and "Leopold II of Belgium".

Yes, in the user's comment "For example, Augustus III of Poland's page is factual. However, Stanislaus III Albert, Augustus IV Joseph and other kings ever existed, the portraits on their pages respectfully". I've address it before or not, but this will be my first time that Historipedia is mixed of real-fiction wikia. Pages are "modified", by means that modified is added nor the articles/pages are not real.

There're articles I've already is made-up monarchs like in Imagine wikia of the "Holy Germanian Empire", maybe Holy Roman Empire. The monarchs of the Holy Roman Empire wikia, [click here]. Both this wikia and Holy Roman Empire wikia is BOTH fictional articles that carries the same name of a real historic entity -- just like HRE wikia. I've not updated the main page of Historipedia to that this is fictional wiki, just like pervious wikia I just said. MOST of the articles, like monarchs, kingdoms, etc is an fictional that alterative history with some or all "real-based" events or fictional events. Most of the fiction articles are from Wikipedia itself.

For the rest of the message, I would be moved on that Historipedia is and always be a Fanon/fictional wiki from alterative. I would like thank everyone if you or anyone see this blog.

--DannyKennedy (talk) 20:52, July 31, 2018 (UTC)

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