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Writing career


Ellison and others of the Ellison family co-founded a wikipedia styled called Historipedia, a Wikia website. Ellison was Co-founder and former General Manager since 2014. On November 18, 2016, Ellison stepped down from Co-founder and General Manager of Historipedia, and he will be focusing on his motocross and his YouTube careers. On January 23 of the following year, Ellison returned to Historipedia with the role of Senior editor.

The Danny W. Ellison Show

Throughout his motocross career, Ellison at age of 15, he founded his first and only talking show about Motocross news and topics. The show itself was sponsored to both the Ellison family and Historipedia, as well as the foundations of Ellison and Fox foundation.

Few weeks after launching the show, he was invited to The Pulp Show with Steve Matthes and as well of The Ellison Podcast with his brothers, Charles and Richard. The following year later, the show was a while inactive as Ellison had won two victories against Seth Francis Sutter and Justin Washington. Ellison was currently the role of Founder and editor-in-chief of his own show. The Danny W. Ellison Show was earned about 530,000 dollars each month and was below of Pulp Show; as well as rank of #4.

The History Times

Historipedia announced on twitter that created a news website style, "The History Times" on May 6, 2017. The website will be a motocross news similarly to Historipedia. Ellison will be full control of the website and will be named Co-founder and Editor-in-chief of the History Times.

Royal Spartan

Ellison was the host of the Royal Spartan from January 4 to July 1, 2014.

Motocross News Anchor

When the Motocross News Anchor Paul McMichaels retired at age of 52, due to his health problems. Ellison was part-time Anchor of the Motocross News on 2011, during his stopping his motocross career. As Anchor, he wasn't most popular at the time, but he is entertaining his fans and audience. On 2013, Ellison retired and returned to Motocross a following year. He was succeeded by Katelyn Johnson.