Hello, Historipedians,

Today, I've been not recently working and continuing Historipedia because of the recent events that effects me. For few weeks ago, I wasn't into creating pages or articles for this website. I'm still and currently re-creating an new wikia website about me (because of my pervious one that I've work for five years really cause problems). I'm also have a About.Me page.

And as for the my personal life like racing, is I can still race dirtbikes and play games that will bored me.

In the meantime, I will still active on social media like Twitter and Facebook, even on Historipedia to create articles and corrections.

What happens to Historipedia in few years, it's going to still keep going and going until I retire or die.

Anyway, I hope everyone is good day and I will see you next time.

~- DannyKennedy
Bureaucrat of The Historipedia Wiki

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