Hello Historipedians,

For the past 6 or 7 years in Historipedia as Co-founder and General manager, I've made Historipedia number 4th best wikia website since 2011. An wikia website is owned by my father and other of the my family members which is born as motocross riders. my family members and I have been Historipedia the best we can to content thousands and thousands of you users using the website. Doesn't mean that we "copied" Wikipedia, which totally false.

As you guys know is that I'm stepping down as Co-founder and General manager to Charles D. Kennedy, a friend is that I've battled with in the beginning of my Motocross career and thankful for his service in the military. Since I'm stepping down, doesn't mean I leave Historipedia for good. No, I'm STILL work Historipedia as I'm still editing articles and my motocross career as an rider.

I am glad that Charles will succeeded me as Co-founder and General manager since death of my closet friend in 2011. Which his death is effected me horribly and I believe is that his ghost and his spirit guard me as an guardian angel.

Happy to be part of the Historipedian family and I'm still editing in the website and I'm happy to ask me any question on here OR my social media. And I'm sure that Charles will do the best and good luck to him.

Yours truly,
Danny W. Ellison signature.png
Danny W. Ellison

Motocross Rider for FOX and ANSR Racing.

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